Who we are?


The Infinite team is comprised of experienced designers, skillful builders, perfectionist project administrative and efficient financial controllers. Each of us has strong responsibility and committed to ensure every project we handled have to be delivered on time, within budgeted cost and without loose end. We would go for extra miles to guarantee 100% satisfaction from our clients.

The Infinite Intelligence Sdn Bhd was founded in 2015, when a few passionate men walked together and made a decision to set up this company. Therefore, everyone playing important role in order to bring the company go towards further.

Through the years, our team has managed to complete several projects on time. Though we face some challenges during the progresses like dealing with the local authorities, tonnes of submissions, encounter massive changes of design, plans, shortage of materials, yet, all of these issues did not cease our team to become a fast growing interior design firm interm of office suite, luxurious condominium, retails, etcetera field of design and renovation works.
Human interaction and architecture go hand in hand, it takes a seasoned designer to understand how important all of the design elements are and how the creative whole effects all of our senses to create a homogenous atmosphere.

Personalised, professional and dedicated to design excellence, we look forward to every opportunity to deliver quality results. Providing a fresh approach to each project, utilizing our talented multi disciplinary team allows us to bring together a synthesis of local, culturally relevant knowledge and international expertise. We are constantly striving to improve the way we work to maintain a leading edge in the field by pioneering design integration of new ideas and emerging technologies. Your projects not only impact your present but your future as well. Here’s to working on it together.
8Years of experience
30+million sales transaction