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Pre lease

Searching for an ideal and conducive office space can prove to be quite a complex and tedious task. At INFINITE INTELLIGENCE, we provide comprehensive pre-lease services to aid in your consideration and decision-making. INFINITE team offers valuable tools such as establishing actual space requirement and building analysis to aid in your selection. With our suite of tools and services, you can select the ideal work space that meets your business objective in the long run.

Interior Design & Planning

We arm ourselves with a good understanding of all the factors imperative for a successful business environment. We ensure that our design concepts articulate your business objectives, processes, culture, brand positioning and future business plans. It is our goal to help all our Clients develop a highly innovative, ergonomic environment that optimizes work performance and meets every functional and budgetary concern. We also possesses the knowledge in sustainable design that is inline with LEED and GBI requirements.

Procurement & Construction

Among our wide range of services, INFINITE INTELLIGENCE also designs mechanical and electrical systems that are compatible with base building provisions to meet Client’s operating requirements and safety standards for the workplace environment.

With a thorough understanding of your needs for lighting, power, air-conditioning and fire services, we ensure optimal distribution and performance throughout your office.


Our services to Clients do not cease upon completion of construction. As part of our end-to-end services, we assist in overseeing the migration of your office equipment to ensure a smooth and flawless transition to your new work space. Our team will expedite effective migration management to avoid long periods of down time which may incur adverse results on your business operations.

Handover & Liability

We will official handover the site to Clients once all the setup has been completed and the space is functional. We also provide a minimum period of after sales services to our Clients. Any occurance of malfunction on the items we delivered, we will attend to it immediately.

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